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Background Morocco-Agadir Academy

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This project was born out of the association of two entities sharing the same desire: 
The development of Moroccan football through the formation-training of the local talent.

These two associates are Mr. ABDALLAH LEMSAGAM and JMG ACADEMY.

In order to participate in the development of Moroccan professional football, Mr. Abdallah Lemsagam decided to put his expertise and professional experience at the service of a football academy in Morocco, more specifically in Agadir where he originates from.    He chose to associate himself with Jean-Marc Guillou since their respective experiences and the JMG ACADEMY concept match exactly the training and educational philosophy that Mr. Lemsagam wishes to implement in Morocco.

The presence of JMG in Morocco finds its legitimacy in the huge potential which the country enjoys through its position as a crossroad between Africa and Europe.   Bringing the JMG ACADEMY expertise to Morocco is an initiative which is prompted partly by the proximity of the two shores of the Mediterranean sea and partly by the strong ties between Moroccan football players and European clubs.
The population loves football judging by the support it gives to its national team.   The steps taken towards the potential organization of the World Cup on three occasions testify to the willingness of the institutions to develop the game.
On a sporting level, The JMG Academy in Morocco will enable the country to provide top-level players to its national team, as is currently the case with the Ivory Coast and soon will be the case with Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, Mali and any other countries where JMG Academies are located.
The Academy graduates who will be recruited by the most prestigious football clubs around the world will testify to the footballing talent available in Morocco through their exploits during top international competitions.

First Semester 2011
Jean-Marc Guillou and Vincent Dufour make several trips to the Gulf States with a view to the creation of Academies in Qatar and in the United Arab Emirates.   Following these trips, Mr. Abdallah Lemsagam, himself the instigator of these various meetings, voices his interest for a JGM Academy project in Morocco, his native country.

August 2011
A visit to Agadir is organized during which Mr. Lemsagam and Vincent Dufour meet again to plan the project.

December 2011
Mr. Lemsagam and the JMG Academy organization sign, in Dubai, the contract sealing their association in respect of the project.

January 2012 
Several meetings take place in Agadir, Marrakech and Casablanca in order to prepare the recruitment and legally set up the project.  In the meantime, Youssef Salimi, who will be the project Manager, is putting the finishing touch to his training in Bamako.

February 2012
Additional coordination meetings take place in Dubai and Agadir to prepare the media launch of the project, meet up with public authorities and visit temporary installations of school establishments.

March 2012 
A press conference takes place in Casablanca to introduce the project to the general public who receives the news with great enthusiasm.  Recruitment starts in Casablanca on 22 March 2012.